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The Neptune Spring Collection in the heart of Edinburgh

The seeds of a new collection sown on a stroll through the heart of Edinburgh. Colours and textures for your home that reflect the landscape outside it. Cues taken from our own design heritage and family history. And, as ever, furniture and accessories that embrace a natural, sustainable, timeless way of living. Welcome to our new Neptune season.

New designs these might be, but you won’t find trends here, just timelessness. These are pieces that reflect nature, that celebrate art and craft, and that consider both utility and beauty.

Designs from nature

Our Francesca patterned linen-cotton fabric tells a story of the natural world, texture and scale, and our design and cultural heritage. Based on a delicate watercolour painting created for us by North Yorkshire-based artist Francesca Wardle, the print depicts the winding branches of the iconic oak tree in all of its grace and grandeur.

See Neptune in Edinburgh

Changing canopies, berry-strewn hedgerows, heather-drenched moors and misty first light. All the subtleties of the season captured in our new paint and textiles collection. Come visit our Edinburgh showroom for inspiration and advice on bringing it into your own home.

Design your future Neptune kitchen with us. We believe that everything about your kitchen should be a joy, from the design process to how your finished space feels to be in every day. It should make life a bit easier, in ways big and small.

It should be nothing short of a pleasure to live with.

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